Stichless Ear Lobe Repair in Chandigarh

Stichless Ear Lobe Repair

Ear lobe repair has become the need of today due to use of heavy jewellery due to which the ear holes get elongated. We at Panache perform ear lobe repair with stitch method as well as stitchless method with an aesthetical appearance. The method to be used depends on the condition of the ear lobule .


Before-After Photos for Stitchless Ear Lobe Repair

stichless ear lobe repair chandigarh
stichless ear lobe repair punjab
stichless ear lobe repair chandigarh

Keeping in mind the increasing demand of ear lobe repair in Chandigarh, Punjab, we at Panache Skin Clinic in Chandigarh, offer our patients with both stitchless and stitch method of earlobe repair. To know more about stitchless ear lobe repair in Chandigarh, write to us at To seek an appointment for ear lobe repair, you can get in touch with our doctor at +91-8284872191 & +91-8729048399


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