Stem Cell Therapy for Hair growth in Chandigarh

Stem Cell Therapy for Hairs

Hair follicles also contain stem cells and these follicle stem cells may lead to success in treating baldness through activation of the stem cells progenitor cells. This treatment works by activating already existing stem cells on the scalp. This treatment signals follicle stem cells to give off chemical signals to nearby follicle cells which have shrunk during the aging process, which in turn respond to these signals by regenerating and making healthy hair grow.  By injecting stem cells into the pores of the scalp, doctors have found that they can get the skin's layer to send signals to the cells in the follicle, which then results in new hair growth. Stem cells activate the dead hair follicles and convert them into growing healthy and new hair follicles.
The use of stem cells as a hair loss treatment holds many advantages.The first one being that it is an outpatient treatment, and unlike other hair loss treatments, done in one day .Topical hair loss treatments need to be used daily and hair transplants can be a costly procedure. By using preformed stem cells, we are using a 100% natural product that has been found to be completely safe and effective.


If you suffer from massive hair loss, stem cell therapy for hair offers you a solution to seek new hair growth. To discover how stem cell therapy for hair in Chandigarh, Punjab can help you, feel free to write to us at To seek an appointment with our specialist, you can get in touch with us at +91-8284872191 & +91-8729048399


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