Skin polishing for beautyfull skin in Chandigarh

Skin Polishing

Skin polishing is one of the ways to enhance the beauty of skin.
Skin polishing is a special technique of exfoliating skin.
The dead cells are removed which helps new and healthy cells to come in place of that and the skin looks clean and polished.
It reduces open pores
It reduces white heads and black heads
It evens out the rough skin


Often called 'dermabrasion', skin polishing brings your damaged skin in contact with crystals aimed to gently remove the top layer of the dead skin. The gentle removal helps to treat skin problems like acne, blackheads, rough skin, dull texture, etc. Skin polishing can also be used for neck, hands, and back. Skin polishing is a short procedure and multiple sessions yield best results in bringing back the vigor for dull, aging, and rough skin.

Looking to seek SKIN POLISHING treatment?

Some Pre Treatment Tips:
o It is advisable to stop all skin applications two days before the treatment.
o Use of sunscreen is advised on a regular basis before the treatment begins.
o Information about intake of any chronic medication should be shared with the doctor prior to procedure.

On the day of treatment
o On the day of treatment, use of make-up should be avoided.
o Short-term redness is common after the procedure but any prolonged irritation or redness of the skin for 1-2 days after the treatment should be brought to the attention of the doctor. Post Treatment
o Direct exposure to sunlight after the treatment should be avoided. It is recommended to use sun screen with SPF 30+ regularly.
o It is recommended to avoid the usage of steam, saunas, and sunbathing for minimum of 7 days after the procedure.
o You can use a gentle face wash for your face, 6-8 hours after the procedure.
o A gap of of 3-4 weeks between the multiple sessions of microdermabrasion is recommended.

At Panache Skin Clinic in Chandigarh, Punjab, we are dedicated to provide you with best quality skin treatments including but not limited to skin polishing. Our skin treatments are perfect to match the needs of varied skin types. To know more about skin polishing in Chandigarh, Punjab, write to us at To seek an appointment, you can get in touch with our doctor at +91-8284872191 & +91-8729048399


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