Mole , Warts and Skin Tags removal treatment in Chandigarh

Mole , Warts and Skin Tags removal

MOLE REMOVAL : It requires technical skill to due scarless removal of unwanted moles.
WARTS REMOVAL- . Warts are viral infection. They can occur on various parts of body. They are removed by various methods like RF, CRYO, Chemical cautery etc.
SKIN TAGS : They are due to the aging process of skin and can be removed to increase aesthetic appearance.
MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM- These are due to viaral infection and are highly contagious so need to be treated.



Bothered by Moles, warts, and skin tags, Pananche Skin Clinic is here to help you out. Our mole, wart, and skin tag removal treatment in Chandigarh, Punjab helps our patients make the most of the procedure. You can send us the pictures of your moles, skin tags, and warts at info at To seek an appointment for skin tag removal in Chandigarh, Punjab you can get in touch with our doctor at +91-8284872191 & +91-8729048399


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