Dermaroller Treatment in Chandigarh for Scar reduction

Microneedling with dermaroller is a new treatment modality for the treatment of scars, especially acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and for facial rejuvenation. It is a simple and relatively cheap modality that also can be used for transdermal drug delivery.
Dermaroller has recently attained popularity as a simple means of treating scars, particularly acne scars. It can be used safely in a dermatologist's clinic by any dermatologist with minimum training. This article describes salient features of this modality
The standard dermaroller used for acne scars is a drum-shaped roller studded with 192 fine microneedles in eight rows, 0.5-1.5 mm in length and 0.1 mm in diameter. The microneedles are synthesized by reactive ion etching techniques on silicon or medical-grade stainless steel. The instrument is presterilized by gamma irradiation.

Collagan Induction Therapy

Microneedling leads to the release of growth factors which stimulate the formation of new collagen (natural collagen) and elastin in the papillary dermis. In addition, new capillaries are formed-this neovascularisation and neocollagenesis following treatment leads to reduction of scars.

Dermaroller for Acne Scars -The Procedure

Microneedling is a simple office-based procedure.
A minimum of 4-6 weeks is recommended between two treatments as it takes that long for new natural collagen to form. Three to four treatments may be needed for moderate acne scars.

Post - Procedure Care

Microneedling is well tolerated by patients but erythema may be seen after treatment, lasting maximum for 2-3 hours. Photoprotection is advised as a routine and local antibiotic creams are prescribed. The patients can go back to work the very next day.
Apart from erythema, no other side effects have been reported. The procedure is well tolerated and well accepted by the patients, is cost-effective, can be done on all skin types and on areas not suitable for peeling or laser resurfacing, such as near eyes. Microneedling with dermaroller can be combined with other acne scar treatments like subcision, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and fractional resurfacing, thus maximizing the benefits to the patients.

Before-After Photos for Dermaroller

dermaroller in chandigarh

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